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Neil BoothIt is now over ten years since I established myself as a freelance web designer here in Bradford, on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales. As you might expect, I was initially involved in creating sites for businesses and organisations in this particular area of West Yorkshire, but because of the quality of my work, my client base now extends across the UK. Of course, in this age of advanced electronic communication, distance is no barrier at all to my being able to provide you with everything that is needed to give you a dynamic and effective internet presence ... which is what I would very much like to do.

However simple or complex the project you have in mind, I am eager to undertake it, and I guarantee to bring to each task the same single-minded commitment for which I have already become well-known. You may want nothing more than a low-budget one-page site that will merely announce to the on-line community, "We are here!" Or you may want a complex, interactive site like the one I created for the Communications Training division of the Church of England ... a site for which I devised a bespoke online booking system and database. Whatever the site, I will bring to it cutting-edge techniques such as streaming video, Flash, DHTML, Cascading Style Sheets, Javascript, PHP and MySQL, using whatever means is most appropriate to achieve an end-product that fulfills all the objectives you set for me and that gives you total satisfaction.

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