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Wincy Dot Web DesignIf I am to design your website from scratch, the starting-point will usually be for you to tell me what your site is to be for ... business promotion, e-commerce, provision of information, etc ... and then to let me have sight of your stationery, logos, catalogues, sales brochures and other documentation.

At this stage I will acquire a suitable domain name and hosting package for you (if you do not already have one) and create a preliminary design for you which will be accessible on a hidden area of your web space.

Then I will suggest to you what else, if anything, might be needed to make your site the exciting, attractive, powerful web presence you want it to be ... images, video, sound clips, etc. (If you so wish, I will introduce you to people who can create these things for you.) I will then work with you by telephone, email and, where possible, by meeting you in person, to develop those initial ideas into a website that provides you, your business, or your organisation, with the kind of dynamic web presence you require.

It may be, of course, that you already have a website but are not completely happy with it. Perhaps it was created using a DIY program that promised more than it delivered, or perhaps the person to whom you entrusted the original design was simply not up to speed on the techniques and skills now required to produce a website that can stand alongside the best on today's web. If so, I shall be delighted to re-design or upgrade the site for you.

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